Friday, April 2, 2010

Pose Fair Preview 1!!

Ok, so just a fair warning, the majority of my next posts will be ALL about Pose fair and the Diamonds in the Rough Hunt!!

So, starting it off with Pose Fair!

Pose fair opens today and lasts through April 16th!  Teleport now!  (No, seriously, just stop reading right now, deprim, and get your behind over there!!!)

There are over 100 pose and animation stores on the sim, and profits of certain poses are being donated to Motivation, a mobility charity that provides aids to disabled individuals in low income countries.  Check out their website for more info!!

Katey Coppola of Glitterati spearheaded the fair, which, in my FAB.  Seriously...I'm a pose whore, there's no secret about it...and this fair....omg..*unsuccessfully locks up my lindens*

Anyways...There are just a MASSIVE amount of impressive poses at the fair, so I'll start off by highlighting a few specific stores, then get on to more more more!!  But as for post one, I'm dedicating it to Jas Core of Viva Poses!

Jas sent me a notecard a few months ago, wanting to rent a store at *my* mall...because it was cute! (mmhm, i fell in love immediately!)  And since, I've watched her poses progress so rapidly its amazing!  She works so hard, and I'm so thrilled for her to be a part of posefair.  (End sappiness)...

On to her store!  (which by the way, her mainstore is having a sale to clear out her old poses and make room for the pose fair ones!  So, after perusing pose fair, head on over to her store and grab some of the oldies but goodies!)

But seriously, her pose fair selection ranges from individual poses, to a number of really nice propped poses.  Here's *just a few*

VivaPoses! Pose Pipe!
The pipe has a ton of different poses, cute for all sorts of occasions...
Get the look:
Pose: VivaPoses! Pose Prop (pose 2) (avaialble at Pose Fair for now!)
Outfit: Shush-Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Gift (starting point: Alexohol Fashions)
Shoes-Surf Couture-Freedom Flops-Black
Hair-Kyoot-Hot Mess-Dark Brown
Skin-Exodi-Stephanie-Harlow 5

Framed: Framed is another in a long line of cute photo frames from around the grid, this time coupling a number of cute little poses to make your picture pop!

Get the Look:
Pose: VivaPoses-Framed (pose 1)
Top: Luck-Chemise Top-Cammo Black
Leggings: Alexohol Fashions: Cammo Leggings Gray
Hair: Truth-Justine-Espresso
Clevage Enhancer: Laq v2 in Peach
eyes,skin: See above

Stairway pose:

Another of my Viva Poses Favorites was the Stairway prop, with 8 different posing options (above is a mashup of just 4 of them!)  The walls are also texture change so have at that!  The hair is the new Truth hair, Mena.  The dress is also a 50L friday item, this one from League!  It's available in open, half opened and button versions, so head over there today to snatch it up at only 50L! One of the new LacieCakes releases, the Rosella Ring in white, caps off the outfit!

Get the Look:
Poses: VivaPoses! Stairway Pose from Pose Fair
Dress: League: Thermal Dress-Purple, Half-opened
Hair: Truth-Mena-Fudge
Necklace: LacieCakes-Gabriella Necklace (Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Gift-Starting Point, Alexohol Fashions)
Ring: LacieCakes-Rosella Ring in White
Clevage Enhancer, Skin, Eyes, See above

******I have limited SL access right now, so finding urls for the stores is a little difficult atm.  If you cant find the stores through search, feel free to drop me a notecard (AlexandraM Guisse) and I'll do my best to hook you up with them as soon as possible!******