Saturday, June 5, 2010

Adorkably Surfin on!

Ok, I know, I'm a bad bad bad blogger.  Sorry :/

Lots of newness and sales are around this weekend, so here's some info on a few.   My next few posts will be exclusively about the Black and Blue fair, but I'm lost in RL stuff and Alexohol upcoming releases to really style all that stuff atm.  Anyways, onto some newness!

The fabulous Adorkable Peapod slipped me her new releases, Cruisin' (to be featured later!) and Frisky (shown below!)  As always, they're super cute.   I was in a summery mood so I paired it with Surf Co's past 50L friday items and some of their dock shoes as well!   The fabulous clear bag from Coco comes ith an ipad, bottle of water and sunscreen so it's perfect for a beachy day!  And, if you havent heard, is having a 50% off sale!!  GET THERE!

Anyways, onto the pics!

Get the Look:  (Sorry I'm not in SL right now and don't have all the URLS...they will be updated later!)

Glasses-(epoque) Timeless Shades-Muted

Shoes-Surf Couture-Boardwalkers-Hemp

Skin-Belleza-Elle BL SK 6 (clevage)

Top-Surf Couture-Beach Bum Tank

Bag-*COCO*-Group Gif Clear ToteBag-(tinted)

Tats-*SiSSi*-Wrist Kanji Summer Black

Necklace-Atelier AM-Chunky Pearl necklace (L)-Blue

Ankle-Surf Couture-Ankle Bandana-Faded Brown

Shorts-Surf Couture-Cafe Shorts-Ocean Blond
Poses-Adorkable Poses-Frisky poses

Monday, May 17, 2010

I is back!

Hey everyone!  I know it's been a long time since I've blogged!  RL took me away, but now I'm back!! And I have new-ness!!! 

The amzing Adorkable Peapod released a new pose set today, and I LOVE it!  "Ringer" is a cute ring with several poses to hang around on!
You can grab it, along with all of Adorkable's other fun and creative poses here

The outfit is a pair of items on SALE for a limited time only!  First off, the Red 'darla' top from Artilleri, along with everything else Red, White, and Blue are on sale through noon on May 18th at Artilleri!  There's a ton of cute and retro-ish things that you can get for half off!! 

The Jeans are the latest release from Alexohol Fashions!  In the "Double Shot Jean Double Pack" you recieve both the ripped and unripped version of the jeans, as well as sculpted ankle cuffs.  The Dark Blue version is on sale this week, as a part of "Alexohol's Drink Special".  It will be 100L through Friday!  More colors of the jeans will be coming out soon!

(pose shown is also from Adorkable Poses, the "Reflection" Prop which allows one OR two Avs SEVERAL different poses!)

Get the Look:
Top: /artilleri/darla *Red* (60L through 12pm 5/18)
Jeans: Alexohol Fashions: Low Rise Jeans-Dark Blue (100L through 5/21)
Necklace: LacieCakes *tagged* silver
Shoes: Stiletto Moody: Pinup (Badseed Red Patent)
Hair: Truth-Emme-Espresso
Skin: Belleza-Elle-BR-Tan 3 (clevage)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Being Adorkable at Le Cirque!

This week has been fabulous for shopping in SL, and it's brought us another themed fashion sim-this time, Le Cirque.  Le Cirque is a Circus themed sim, which will be open for one week a month (This month's ends the 18th), each time presenting a different theme and new designers!  I scrambled over to Le Cirque to find some cute circus themed outfits (that can most definitely be worn outside the circus too!).   Not only that, the amazing Adorkable Peapod released two new pose sets!  To Cap it all off, Pose fair ends in 2 days (majorrrr Sad face!)  So make sure to hop on over there and grab up as many of the poses as you can!  A lot of the pose-makers made EXCLUSIVE sets for Pose fair that will NEVER be seen again!  So don't miss it!

On to today's post!

Le Cirque has a ton of amazing, exclusive items available.  While they are circus themed, many of them work well outside the ring as well!  Here are some of my favorites!  The above Le Cirque pose comes from OMFG.  Combined with outfits from Miami, OMFG, and Indyara Orignials, Jewlery from Boom and SiSSi, and Hair from Truth (not part of Le Cirque), and, the AMAZING new Elle Skin from Belleza (also not part of Le Cirque), the five ring circus look is complete!

As I said before, Pose Fair is ending, and there's plenty of poses left to display!  (I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging poses from there until the next version of it comes along!)  Anyways, here's a pose fair release from Adorkable Poses!  This "Framed" set comes in a few different frame options and is completely adorable!

Get the Look:
Outfit (Including Necklace, Hat & Gloves): OMFG-Le Cirque De Style
Poses: Adorkable Poses-Framed
Shoes: Heart and Sole-Scrunched-Black
Skin-Belleza-Elle, BR Tank 3 (clevage)
Eyes: paper.doll-GlimmerEyes-Tsunami
Hair: Truth-Valerie-Espresso
Tattoo: Aitui-Beautiful

Adorkable also released two new dork packs of singles poses yesterday, Beefcake (Shown on a girl, but meant for guys!), and Spunky!

Get the Look:
Poses: Adorkable Poses-Beefcake Dork Pack
Dress: Indyara Originals-l'ardent: noir & silver
Shoes-Urbanity-Simple Flats
Hair:Truth-Sienna 2-Driftwood
Skin: Belleza-Elle-Br tan 2 (clevage)
Eyes: paper.doll-GlimmerEyes-Tsunami
Jewlery: Boom-Big Top Bangles & Earrings

Get the Look:
Poses: Adorkable Poses-Spunky Dork Pack
Outfit: Miami-Cirque outfit (Yellow)
Jewlery & Hat: SiSSI-Le Cirque Bracelet in Blue, Necklace in Red
Shoes: Pumps Yellow
Skin: Belleza-Elle-Br-Fair-clevage (Group Gift-250L JOIN FEE)
Hair: Truth-Chalice-Barley
Eyes: paper.doll-GlimerEyes-Tsunami

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pose Fair Collaboration and a TON of hot newness!

This has been a GREAT weekend for shopping-lots of awesome newness and discounts abound!  One of the great things from today was the release of a pose fair collaboration!  For only 500L a piece, you can purchase a mega pack of poses in either female or male versions!  Many of the pose fair vendors contributed an EXCLUSIVE pose for this package, the entire profits of which will be benefitting Motivation charity!  It's a spectacular summary of pose fair, and the poses are H.O.T.T.!  It's available at the Pose Fair entrance, or on xstreetsl!

Also, Project Themeory has debuted with a "spring fling" theme...and I picked up this sexy jumper from Luck for only 75L!  The color change College Glasses were Fishy Strawberry's 50L friday offering, and of course, thursday brought some sexy new releases from Truth!  Not to mention? There is a SUPER AMAZING new skin release from Belleza!  Elle is available in a variety of skin tones, clevage options, with or without hairbases, different brow colors, and, of course, TONS of makeups!  It's SUPER amazingly cute, and for those of you in the Belleza inworld group (caution-250L join fee---but TOTALLY worth it!), you got a FREE version of it in your notices today! (Check the group history if you didnt!!)

Get the Look:
Poses: Pose Fair 2010 Pose Pack, women's version
(3 individual poses are part of this pack, the options from doll., Oh My Stars, and Storin)
Outfit: Linc-Jumper Flowers/Project Themeory
Necklace: mpb-The White Rose
Bracelets: Izzie's-Wood Bangles-Magenta
Glasses: Fish Strawberry-College Glasses (Color Change!)
Hair: Truth-Valerie-Espresso
Skin: Belleza-Elle BR Tan 2 (Clevage)
Eyes: paper.doll-GlimmerEyes-Tsunami
Foot Tattoo: Smudge-Starfeet
Chest Tattoo: Aitui-Beautiful
Arm Tattoo: Aitui-How It Happens

**note-Last day of vacation!! I'll be back to posting URLs as soon as im back!!**

Friday, April 9, 2010

More Smexy Pose Fair-ness!

Today brings some more pose-fair good-ness!! This time from the amazing poseness of Adorkable Peapod of Adorkable Poses! Adorkable has about a million awesome poses at pose fair, and I'm sure you'll be seeing more over my next few posts, but here's one of the single pose packs--and it's Smexy!

 Once again, pose fair lasts until April 16th (so dont forget to least five times!), and benefits motivation, a movement charity aimed at helping those with disabilities in low income countries.  Find out more by visiting their website! To date, it has raised over 570,000 Lindens!  So keep snatching up all the poses (especially ones that have half or more donated towards motivation!) 

But I digress...back to Smexy, one of Adorkable Poses new packs!

This cute pose set has tons of versatility, great to show off outfits, for pictures, or just for your own random pose-ness!

Get the Look:

Poses: Adorkable Poses, Smexy Dork Pack (all poses 1-10 shown above, various used for smaller pics)
Shirt: Surf Couture-Down the Shore Tee (plain) white
Shorts: Pink Outfitters-Patchwork Shorts Neutral
Shoes: Cherry-The Lovely Petals Pumps-Robbins Egg Blue
Hair: 2-Anxious Blond
Necklace: SiSSi-Cutie Necklace-Tartan Pink/Taupe/Mint
Ring: LacieCakes-Rosella Ring-Tropical
Bracelet: GaNKeD-Arizona Bracelet
Skin: Exodi-Stephanie Harlow 5
Neck Tattoo: Aitui-Beautiful
Arm Tattoo: Aitui-How it Happens
Foot Tattoo: Smudge-Starfeet

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rocking Out Pose Fair!

Here's another peek into Pose Fair for today's blog post! Pose Fair Organizer, and Glitterati super-posestress, Katey Coppola brings you some awesome, rocking poses, with the Rockstar packs!  50% of the proceeds from both the male and female sets (yes, there is a male set, not shown here) are donated to Motivation, an organization focosuing on helping disabled individuals in low income countries.  Be sure to check it out!  (and on a side note, be sure to watch out for a MEGA pose fair announcement on April 10th!!!..omg I cannot wait!)

And here's the poses!

Don't forget to check out the men's set as well!  Pose fair runs through April 16th, so be sure to grab the poses while your purchase goes to a fabulous charity!  Also available at the Glitterati store of Pose fair are a corresponding set of guitar poses, available first as a freebie from Second Style Island, but now are free at Pose fair as well!!  Check em out!

Get The Look:
Poses: Glitterati-Rockstar (first half-women's back, second half-freebies)
Top: Alexohol Fashions-Shred Top-Black
Skirt: Alexohol Fashions-Marker Super Short Skirt-Below the Belt Hunt Gift
Necklace: LacieCakes-Symphony Necklace & Nom Nom
Tattoo on Feet: Smudge-Starfeet
Tattoo on Wrists: Aitui-Rock Wrists
Main Tattoo: Cyberstar-Tattoo Rock
Shoes: alaMood-Kiss Me Kitty-Pink
Hair: Tiny Bird-I Hate Camera-Light Ash Brown
Skin: Exodi-Stephanie-Harlow 5
Eyes: Meli Melo-Crystal Eyes-Haiti 1

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pose Fair Preview 1!!

Ok, so just a fair warning, the majority of my next posts will be ALL about Pose fair and the Diamonds in the Rough Hunt!!

So, starting it off with Pose Fair!

Pose fair opens today and lasts through April 16th!  Teleport now!  (No, seriously, just stop reading right now, deprim, and get your behind over there!!!)

There are over 100 pose and animation stores on the sim, and profits of certain poses are being donated to Motivation, a mobility charity that provides aids to disabled individuals in low income countries.  Check out their website for more info!!

Katey Coppola of Glitterati spearheaded the fair, which, in my FAB.  Seriously...I'm a pose whore, there's no secret about it...and this fair....omg..*unsuccessfully locks up my lindens*

Anyways...There are just a MASSIVE amount of impressive poses at the fair, so I'll start off by highlighting a few specific stores, then get on to more more more!!  But as for post one, I'm dedicating it to Jas Core of Viva Poses!

Jas sent me a notecard a few months ago, wanting to rent a store at *my* mall...because it was cute! (mmhm, i fell in love immediately!)  And since, I've watched her poses progress so rapidly its amazing!  She works so hard, and I'm so thrilled for her to be a part of posefair.  (End sappiness)...

On to her store!  (which by the way, her mainstore is having a sale to clear out her old poses and make room for the pose fair ones!  So, after perusing pose fair, head on over to her store and grab some of the oldies but goodies!)

But seriously, her pose fair selection ranges from individual poses, to a number of really nice propped poses.  Here's *just a few*

VivaPoses! Pose Pipe!
The pipe has a ton of different poses, cute for all sorts of occasions...
Get the look:
Pose: VivaPoses! Pose Prop (pose 2) (avaialble at Pose Fair for now!)
Outfit: Shush-Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Gift (starting point: Alexohol Fashions)
Shoes-Surf Couture-Freedom Flops-Black
Hair-Kyoot-Hot Mess-Dark Brown
Skin-Exodi-Stephanie-Harlow 5

Framed: Framed is another in a long line of cute photo frames from around the grid, this time coupling a number of cute little poses to make your picture pop!

Get the Look:
Pose: VivaPoses-Framed (pose 1)
Top: Luck-Chemise Top-Cammo Black
Leggings: Alexohol Fashions: Cammo Leggings Gray
Hair: Truth-Justine-Espresso
Clevage Enhancer: Laq v2 in Peach
eyes,skin: See above

Stairway pose:

Another of my Viva Poses Favorites was the Stairway prop, with 8 different posing options (above is a mashup of just 4 of them!)  The walls are also texture change so have at that!  The hair is the new Truth hair, Mena.  The dress is also a 50L friday item, this one from League!  It's available in open, half opened and button versions, so head over there today to snatch it up at only 50L! One of the new LacieCakes releases, the Rosella Ring in white, caps off the outfit!

Get the Look:
Poses: VivaPoses! Stairway Pose from Pose Fair
Dress: League: Thermal Dress-Purple, Half-opened
Hair: Truth-Mena-Fudge
Necklace: LacieCakes-Gabriella Necklace (Diamonds in the Rough Hunt Gift-Starting Point, Alexohol Fashions)
Ring: LacieCakes-Rosella Ring in White
Clevage Enhancer, Skin, Eyes, See above

******I have limited SL access right now, so finding urls for the stores is a little difficult atm.  If you cant find the stores through search, feel free to drop me a notecard (AlexandraM Guisse) and I'll do my best to hook you up with them as soon as possible!******