Saturday, June 5, 2010

Adorkably Surfin on!

Ok, I know, I'm a bad bad bad blogger.  Sorry :/

Lots of newness and sales are around this weekend, so here's some info on a few.   My next few posts will be exclusively about the Black and Blue fair, but I'm lost in RL stuff and Alexohol upcoming releases to really style all that stuff atm.  Anyways, onto some newness!

The fabulous Adorkable Peapod slipped me her new releases, Cruisin' (to be featured later!) and Frisky (shown below!)  As always, they're super cute.   I was in a summery mood so I paired it with Surf Co's past 50L friday items and some of their dock shoes as well!   The fabulous clear bag from Coco comes ith an ipad, bottle of water and sunscreen so it's perfect for a beachy day!  And, if you havent heard, is having a 50% off sale!!  GET THERE!

Anyways, onto the pics!

Get the Look:  (Sorry I'm not in SL right now and don't have all the URLS...they will be updated later!)

Glasses-(epoque) Timeless Shades-Muted

Shoes-Surf Couture-Boardwalkers-Hemp

Skin-Belleza-Elle BL SK 6 (clevage)

Top-Surf Couture-Beach Bum Tank

Bag-*COCO*-Group Gif Clear ToteBag-(tinted)

Tats-*SiSSi*-Wrist Kanji Summer Black

Necklace-Atelier AM-Chunky Pearl necklace (L)-Blue

Ankle-Surf Couture-Ankle Bandana-Faded Brown

Shorts-Surf Couture-Cafe Shorts-Ocean Blond
Poses-Adorkable Poses-Frisky poses