Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Being Adorkable at Le Cirque!

This week has been fabulous for shopping in SL, and it's brought us another themed fashion sim-this time, Le Cirque.  Le Cirque is a Circus themed sim, which will be open for one week a month (This month's ends the 18th), each time presenting a different theme and new designers!  I scrambled over to Le Cirque to find some cute circus themed outfits (that can most definitely be worn outside the circus too!).   Not only that, the amazing Adorkable Peapod released two new pose sets!  To Cap it all off, Pose fair ends in 2 days (majorrrr Sad face!)  So make sure to hop on over there and grab up as many of the poses as you can!  A lot of the pose-makers made EXCLUSIVE sets for Pose fair that will NEVER be seen again!  So don't miss it!

On to today's post!

Le Cirque has a ton of amazing, exclusive items available.  While they are circus themed, many of them work well outside the ring as well!  Here are some of my favorites!  The above Le Cirque pose comes from OMFG.  Combined with outfits from Miami, OMFG, and Indyara Orignials, Jewlery from Boom and SiSSi, and Hair from Truth (not part of Le Cirque), and, the AMAZING new Elle Skin from Belleza (also not part of Le Cirque), the five ring circus look is complete!

As I said before, Pose Fair is ending, and there's plenty of poses left to display!  (I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging poses from there until the next version of it comes along!)  Anyways, here's a pose fair release from Adorkable Poses!  This "Framed" set comes in a few different frame options and is completely adorable!

Get the Look:
Outfit (Including Necklace, Hat & Gloves): OMFG-Le Cirque De Style
Poses: Adorkable Poses-Framed
Shoes: Heart and Sole-Scrunched-Black
Skin-Belleza-Elle, BR Tank 3 (clevage)
Eyes: paper.doll-GlimmerEyes-Tsunami
Hair: Truth-Valerie-Espresso
Tattoo: Aitui-Beautiful

Adorkable also released two new dork packs of singles poses yesterday, Beefcake (Shown on a girl, but meant for guys!), and Spunky!

Get the Look:
Poses: Adorkable Poses-Beefcake Dork Pack
Dress: Indyara Originals-l'ardent: noir & silver
Shoes-Urbanity-Simple Flats
Hair:Truth-Sienna 2-Driftwood
Skin: Belleza-Elle-Br tan 2 (clevage)
Eyes: paper.doll-GlimmerEyes-Tsunami
Jewlery: Boom-Big Top Bangles & Earrings

Get the Look:
Poses: Adorkable Poses-Spunky Dork Pack
Outfit: Miami-Cirque outfit (Yellow)
Jewlery & Hat: SiSSI-Le Cirque Bracelet in Blue, Necklace in Red
Shoes: Pumps Yellow
Skin: Belleza-Elle-Br-Fair-clevage (Group Gift-250L JOIN FEE)
Hair: Truth-Chalice-Barley
Eyes: paper.doll-GlimerEyes-Tsunami