Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Beer Specials!

Ok, so my mind's already at the bar a few hours too early.  What can I say? Anywhoooo :)  If you haven't heard, there are some GREAT deals around the grid going on through tomorrow, March 17th (or, for all of us who WILL be guzzling down green beer tomorrow..St Patrick's Day!) Not to mention a lot of great sales, specials, group gifts and freebies going around.  Here's some great St. Patty's day ready gear..from all shamrocked out to the subtle green outfits you can wear all year 'round!

First up is a cute lingerie pack from Blacklace Lingerie.  This outfit is super cute, and even though it's a St. Patty's day special, it's completley convertible to an every day lingerie.  All the shamrock specific items are prim, so go without them and it's just a sexy set of green lingerie.  Hurry down to snatch it up though, Blacklace is having a 50% off all green items sale until St. Patty's day! Also, the skin is the newest release from Exodi, Stephanie in Harlow tone 6. 

Get the Look:
Lingerie: Blacklace Lucky: St. Patrick's Day Holiday Collection
Skin: Exodi Stephanie: Harlow 6
Hair: Truth Chalice: Copper

While you're at Blacklace, don't forget to grab this free green version of the Hearts Temptation Lingerie!  It's adorable for all year 'round as well!  The shoes are one of the latest releases from Bijoux Lefavre of Heart and Sole.  I love the classic simplicity and sexy high heel! Heart and Sole is also having a St. Patty's day sale...this time 75 L for any green shoe, including the new releases!!

Get the Look:
Lingerie-Blacklace-Hearts Temptation Lingerie in Green
Shoes-Heart and Sole-Mae in Green
Skin-Exodi-Sienna-St. Patty's Girl (free gift from Exodi fishing hole)
Hair-Truth-Joanna in Jupiter

Alexohol's another hot spot for all your St. Patrick's day gear!  All of the St. Patty's day items are 75L or less through tomorrow night! 
Get the Look:
Dress: Alexohol: Shamrock Julep Dress (50L)
Hair: Truth-Joanna in Jupiter
Shoes: Heart and Sole-Mae in Green
Mouthie: Alexohol: Shamrock Lipsmacker
Necklace: LacieCakes: Lil Bit o' Heaven Necklace
Skin: Exodi: Sienna St. Patty's Girl
Pose: Viva Poses-Shamrock Pose

Here's some more of Alexohol's selections:

Get the Look:
Shirt: Alexohol: Magically Delicious Baseball Tee
Skirt: Alexohol: Button Fly Jean Skirt-Medium
Skin: Exodi: Stephanie Harlow 6
Hair: Truth: Joanna in Jupiter
Necklace: LacieCakes: Luck Necklace & Nom Nom
Face Tattoo: LacieCakes: Shamrock Face Tat

Get the Look:
Tee: Alexohol: Kiss me I'm Drunk Women's Tee
Bikini: Alexohol: Ireland Bikini
Skirt: Alexohol: Button Fly Skirt Medium
Skin: Exodi Sienna St Patty's Girl
Necklace: LacieCakes: Luck Necklace
Hair: Truth: Joanna in Jupiter
Tat & Mouthie: LacieCakes Shamrock nom nom & Tattoo

Another great freebie for St. Patty's day comes from the Sassy Kitty update group with this St. Patty's day outfit.  The skin, as I said, is a freebie from Exodi's fishing hole.  Also available there are the earrings and a matching ring. 

Get the Look:
Shoes: Heart and Sole: satine hunter green (75)

Earrings-Exodi ReGael Earrings-(fishing hole prize)
Ring-Exodi ReGael Ring (fishing hole prize)
Skin-Exodi-Sienna "st pat's girl" (fishing hole prize)
Top-Sassy Kitty Designs-Satin Plastron Clovers (top)-Group GIft
Pants-Sassy Kitty Designs: Unbuttoned Studded Low Green Loose-group gift
Hair: Truth-Joanna jupiter

Shush is another hot spot for some cute St Patrick's day tees.  Here's one of them, along with the LacieCakes Tattoo....and some green beer of course!
Get the Look:
Shirt: Shush: Lucky Leaf Shirt
Skin: Exodi: Stephanie Harlow 6
Hair: Truth: Joanna in Jupiter
Skirt: Alexohol Button Fly Mini Skirt washed
Pose: Glitterati Dressed 5
Mouthie: Alexohol Shamrock Lipsmacker
Tattoo: LacieCakes: Shamrock Face Tattoo

Here's a look at the new tank tops from OnyxWear...and this one is a cuteeee St Patty's tank to boot!  Paired with it is a NEW freebie from one of my favorite new Jewlery stores, Ganked.  You can find their gift at the mainstore in the gift box by the couch!

Get the Look:
Top: OnyxWear: Lace Tank Lucky
Jeans: Alexohol: Blue Jeans Slate Ripped
Jewlery: Ganked: Lucky Clover Set
Shoes: Heart and Sole: Mae Green
Skin: Exodi: Sienna Nuit St Pat's Girl
Hair: Truth: Chalice in Copper

Another great shop with a 50% off all green items sale is cupcakes.  Here's a cute summery top available there!

Shirt: Cupcake: Spring Halter funky Green
Skirt: Alexohol: Button Fly Skirt Medium

Skin: Exodi: Stephanie-Harlow 6
Hair: Truth: Chalice Copper
Shoes: Heart and Sole: Satine Hunter Green

Atomic also has a 50% off green items til St. Patrick's day sale, so stop by and grab all the cute green stuff, including this adorable dress with two different skirt options (the second one's patterened).  This dress, paired with a Shamrock necklace is the perfect subtle St. Patty's day outfit...just enough to keep you from getting pinched, but also great for the whole year round!

Get the Look:
Dress:Atomic: Flufy Dress-Forest Green
Pose: Glitterati: Dressed 2
Jewlery: Ganked: Lucky CLover Earrings, mouth nom nom, & necklace (free)
Skin: Exodi: Sienna Nuit-St Pat's Girl
Hair: Truth: Brit in Driftwood

Theese fantastic sales are *almost* over, so dont forget to take advantage of all the green themed sales!  And dont forget to wear one....or to grab a green beer!

Happy St. Patrick's day!