Friday, April 9, 2010

More Smexy Pose Fair-ness!

Today brings some more pose-fair good-ness!! This time from the amazing poseness of Adorkable Peapod of Adorkable Poses! Adorkable has about a million awesome poses at pose fair, and I'm sure you'll be seeing more over my next few posts, but here's one of the single pose packs--and it's Smexy!

 Once again, pose fair lasts until April 16th (so dont forget to least five times!), and benefits motivation, a movement charity aimed at helping those with disabilities in low income countries.  Find out more by visiting their website! To date, it has raised over 570,000 Lindens!  So keep snatching up all the poses (especially ones that have half or more donated towards motivation!) 

But I digress...back to Smexy, one of Adorkable Poses new packs!

This cute pose set has tons of versatility, great to show off outfits, for pictures, or just for your own random pose-ness!

Get the Look:

Poses: Adorkable Poses, Smexy Dork Pack (all poses 1-10 shown above, various used for smaller pics)
Shirt: Surf Couture-Down the Shore Tee (plain) white
Shorts: Pink Outfitters-Patchwork Shorts Neutral
Shoes: Cherry-The Lovely Petals Pumps-Robbins Egg Blue
Hair: 2-Anxious Blond
Necklace: SiSSi-Cutie Necklace-Tartan Pink/Taupe/Mint
Ring: LacieCakes-Rosella Ring-Tropical
Bracelet: GaNKeD-Arizona Bracelet
Skin: Exodi-Stephanie Harlow 5
Neck Tattoo: Aitui-Beautiful
Arm Tattoo: Aitui-How it Happens
Foot Tattoo: Smudge-Starfeet